Why Your CFL Bulb Buzzes and How to Fix it

Are your CFL bulbs making noise? Do you feel there is something strange in your CFL bulbs? Do they speak, hum or buzz? Is the buzzing of the CFL bulbs irritating to you? Is it creepy and strange? Do you think there’s something supernatural in your home? If so, then you must be in search of the exact answer of why your CFL bulb buzzes at night or in the day, aren’t you? Further, in this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons Why Your CFL Bulb Buzzes.

The buzzing of your CFL bulbs in your home is most likely due to loose fixtures and electrical shorts. Moreover, there is a scientific term called Magnetostriction which leads to the buzzing sound in fluorescent bulbs. Generally, it is caused by a hum in the ballast. When the current flow to the bulb increases, the ballast acts as a resistor and regulates the flow of electricity. The reason why older bulbs make much louder noise comparatively is that they have magnetic ballasts in them. Other than this reason, the cause of buzzing of your CFL bulb can be the voltage that it is getting. The high voltage supply to the CFL bulb creates the buzzing noise. However, this is not the fault of your CFL bulb, but the electricity supply.

Now, as you know the basic reason why your CFL bulb is buzzing, then you must be keen to know the other reasons and their solutions as well, aren’t you?

Why does my CFL bulb make noise?

The main cause of buzzing CFL bulbs is the voltage it is getting. The ballast of the bulb creates a magnetic field around the bulb at the time of the passing of current. Then, through magnetostriction, the bulb makes a buzzing noise. So, in simple words, the main cause of buzzing of CFL bulbs is the voltage, current flow, and electricity supply, not necessarily the bulb

How Can You Repair a Buzzing Bulb?

Let us be very honest, the buzzing of the bulbs is quite common. There is nothing strange, creepy, and supernatural in your home. But according to some studies it is proven that buzzing can create chaos and irritation in the head of many people.

Other than this, it can lead to a decrease in the focus and efficiency of a person just because of the disturbance it creates. Let’s leave the cause aside and find out how to fix the buzzing of the CFL bulbs. The most common fixation you need is of your CFL bulb, ballasts, or the switch.

First of all, know the reason why your bulb is buzzing. After that, make sure to fix the voltage of the current that your bulb is getting. Most importantly, do not overload the little filaments of the bulb with too much pressure. Other than this you can:

  • Replace or change the old buzzing bulbs with the new ones.
  • Instead of using the incandescent bulbs, make use of the rough, normal, and low voltage bulbs.
  • If you are using multiple bulbs, then try reducing the number to see if this helps.
  • If your switch is too old, then please replace the old switch with the new one.

Is your fluorescent bulb too old?

The most common reason for buzzing is because of the old bulbs. The bulbs, ballasts, and pretty much every electronic item or device starts making noise and degrades with time.

So, first things first, replace the old fluorescent bulb with the new one. Other than replacing the whole bulb, you can look into replacing just the ballast of the bulb. The best thing about electronic ballasts is that they work continuously at 20,000 to 40,000 Hz which makes them a good eliminator of buzzing and humming of CFL bulbs.

Certain things that you need to keep in mind while fixing the issue

Telling it straight, you’re not an electrician and you can not fix the electrical faults on your own. Even if you can, then you need to be totally aware. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind to take care of yourself.

If you’ve found out the reason for the humming and buzzing of CFL bulbs in your home, office, or working area. But you are not able to fix the problem by yourself then hire a trained electrician.

Always take care when messing with electronics and if you are uncertain don’t touch anything.

Is the Buzzing of CFL Bulbs Dangerous?

If you’re thinking this then do not worry because the buzzing of the CFL bulbs is quite common and normal.

Yes, the buzzing and humming of the bulb can irritate you but cannot be a source of danger for you. Generally, it is caused by the low voltage of current that your bulb is receiving.


Indeed, CFL bulbs are the best replacement for incandescent bulbs. They consume less energy, give bright light, and eliminate certain other problems in comparison to incandescent bulbs. But every coin has two sides, that’s why along with the benefits of CFL bulbs, there are some flaws in CFL bulbs too. Do not worry because it is not at all a thing to worry, the problems that CFLs come up with can be solved.

To fix the buzzing of your CFL bulbs, you just need to fix the voltage of the bulb. If this doesn’t work, then make sure to change the bulb or the ballast with a new one.

So, to avoid these problems do as it is directed above. You know everything in this world is fixable if you have the guts and knowledge to do so. So yeah! Get the fixing done but make sure to contact an electrician too.

Rob Wreglesworth

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