About Us

Seeking new solutions to big environmental problems.

We are currently facing a large number of big environmental challenges, from climate change to the pollution we need to act fast to reverse the worrying trends we are seeing.

Although a lot of wins will come from political and individual change, we at Innovate Eco believe that technological innovation can also play a big part in solving many of the issues we are facing.

This blog aims to answer questions you may have about a variety of green technologies, to help you lead a greener life and help us work towards a healthier planet.

Our Writers

Rob Wreglesworth

Rob is the main writer and founder of Innovate Eco. Rob has a passion for the environment but also a passion for innovative technology and thinking outside the box.

Rob beleives that technological innovation can be our ally in tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges we are facing today.

Lloyd Heathfield

Lloyd Heathfield is a Biological Science graduate who has always had a passion for innovative technology, especially that of an environmental nature.

Lloyd now works in the solar energy sector.