Episode 27 – The Open Innovation Green Lab – Designing Beautiful Solutions To Complex Food Problems In The Heart of London- Andrew Gregson, Green Lab

As more people move to live in cities, the disconnect between where food comes from and our plate seems to be growing all the time. But today’s interviewee is hoping to change that by helping design alternative food solutions from the very heart of London.

The amazing place that is the focus of today’s podcast is called Green Lab. Founded by Andrew Gregson as a maker space with the belief that design is the most effective way to tackle big challenges, they have set out on a mission to radically change the way we produce and consume food.

Whereas many people might see our ever-expanding cities as concrete jungles devoid of life, they see them as places with opportunity, to experiment and develop food systems that make people and spaces healthier.

For more information and info on open days and courses head to www.greenlab.org

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