Episode 2 – Using Dogs in Conservation – Louise Wilson, Conservation K9 Consulting

As we highlighted in last weeks episode global biodiversity is not doing very well at all. It is now becoming more desperate than ever to get data about endangered species and to track them down in order to move them away from dangers posed by humans.

Detection dogs, or sniffer dogs as they are sometimes known, have been used for a long time to track down drugs and explosives but the use of them in conservation is still not as widespread as you would think. And considering they have multiple uses such as seeking out endangered species (live animals and also their poo), finding invasive species that could be damaging native ecosystems or detecting the products of the illegal wildlife trade, it is strange they are not used more widely.

In this episode, I speak to the amazingly passionate Louise Wilson who has started the company Conservation K9 consultancy using the experience she had gained in other forms of detection dog training at home and overseas. Based in the UK the company trains rescue dogs for conservation and are also trying to spread the word further and get more people training their own dogs correctly.

If you want to contact Louise you can do so on the below links

Website: http://www.conservationk9consultancy.com

Email: info@conservationk9consultancy.com

Twitter: @Vk9consultant

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Conservationk9consultancy/







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