Episode 30 – How To Buy A Nature Reserve, Why We Need To Put A Price On Nature, Not Offshoring Our Biodiversity and More – Chris D’Agorne, Life To Land

In this episode I speak to Chris D’Agorne, the founder of How to Rewild – the UK’s most popular rewilding advice website, and is currently developing Life to Land –  a nature recovery advisory service for smaller landowners. Chris is one of the most influential voices in the growing rewilding movement in the UK. 

Chris took the bold step of re-mortgaging his house to purchase 3.5 acres of land that he has been managing for about two years now and sharing his stroy in the open, inspiring thousands of people with his direct action. 

In this episode we talk about everything from filming polar bears in the Arctic, to how Chris made the decision to buy the land, putting a price on nature, how we deal with increasing polarisation and much more. 

 The best way to find out more about what Chris is working on is to head to the Life to Land website.

 You can also follow Chris on LinkedIn to see updates from his project


The main thing for me is to mention Life to Land as that’s the biggest value driver – the key message is ‘Evidence-based guides and reports that help you understand your land and drive improvements to biodiversity and productivity.’ but feel free to interpret in plain English. Easiest way to find me on Linkedin and Google is by searching ‘rewilding Chris’ due to my difficult to spell and remember surname!

Chris’ book recommendations:

Rooted – Sarah Langford

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