Episode 24 – ‘Biochar’ as a Climate Change Solution – Creating the Google of Carbon – Jamie Bakos, Titan Projects

Biochar is a product created by applying lots of heat to plant matter in the absence of oxygen. This creates a form of pure carbon, not that dissimilar to what you would put on a bbq, but much purer. This substance that is created can then be stored in soils which locks away this carbon for hundreds, potentially thousands of years. It also has the added benefit of holding moisture and nutrients within its pores, potentially boosting crop growth too.

It sounds like an interesting idea but I wanted to speak to someone in the know to find out a bit more.

My guest today is Jamie Bakos from Titan Projects. After graduating as an environmental engineer student, Jamie worked his way through jobs where he had to figure out what to do with waste streams. This is what eventually lead him to set up Titan Projects and to focus on biochar as a solution to many organic matter waste streams and also as a solution to climate change.

We also chat about some of Titan Projects other projects all trying to find a use for carbon.

For more info on Titan Projects check out

www.titan-projects.com and for more on carbon-based products go to https://carbon4climate.com/


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